Fifty-One Tales: The Tomb of Pan

Pan is dead, that much is certain. Ignore the laughter coming from the hills.

This story is from Lord Dunsany’s Fifty-One Tales, originally published in 1915, and is read aloud by Kay Mack.

You can read the story here, or online at:

“Seeing,” they said, “that old-time Pan is dead, let us now make a tomb for him and a monument, that the dreadful worship of long ago may be remembered and avoided by all.”

So said the people of the enlightened lands. And they built a white and mighty tomb of marble. Slowly it rose under the hands of the builders and longer every evening after sunset it gleamed with rays of the departed sun.

And many mourned for Pan while the builders built; many reviled him. Some called the builders to cease and to weep for Pan and others called them to leave no memorial at all of so infamous a god. But the builders built on steadily.

And one day all was finished, and the tomb stood there like a steep sea-cliff. And Pan was carved thereon with humbled head and the feet of angels pressed upon his neck. And when the tomb was finished the sun had already set, but the afterglow was rosy on the huge bulk of Pan.

And presently all the enlightened people came, and saw the tomb and remembered Pan who was dead, and all deplored him and his wicked age. But a few wept apart because of the death of Pan.

But at evening as he stole out of the forest, and slipped like a shadow softly along the hills, Pan saw the tomb and laughed.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Fifty-One Tales: The Tomb of Pan

      1. Hello Kristen. Life is comfortable and peaceful. I am now a recluse due to my declining health, but I get lots of love, great food and have awesome pets. The most disconcerting issue is I’ve stopped writing, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I burned myself out. Anyway, I’m thrilled to see and hear your new project. You are by far the most intriguing member of the old group, and I really miss you and your love of life. Keep on keeping on, you have many great things in your future. Best wishes always, Tom


      2. Hi Tom, sorry to hear the muse has deserted you it seems. Maybe there are other artistic muses waiting? Writing isn’t the only creative outlet at our fingertips…

        Thanks for taking a look at this new project, it’s been quite fun to do.


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